Moving a REST/Mobile service development environment to a di

Posted by mopfer on 07-Sep-2016 16:15

We have a development machine set up with a dozen REST and Mobile services deployed through restmgr1 from multiple PDSOE projects.  There are also a dozen or so local appservers that those services are using. 

We would like to move these projects and services to a newer machine, and we're hoping there is a better way to do that than manually adding all of the appservers through OE Management on the new machine, and then exporting each project from the old machine and importing it to the new machine, and then re-mapping the programs and parameters for each of the methods of the REST services so we can deploy the services through the rest manager on the new machine. 

Has anyone done this before and have some advice to share?


Mark Opfer

Sr. Architect

DMSi Software

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Posted by thunderfoot79 on 07-Sep-2016 16:31

I'm not as familiar with REST and Mobile services, but you can give this a shot.  

In $DLC/properties folder you should see a file.  I would try replacing anything with the old server name and updating to the new server name.  Copy the updated file to the new machine.  Add in the new machine within OE Management and you should be good to go.  

You of course would need to make sure you've copied the necessary files over to the new server as well as setting up the environment.  

Posted by mopfer on 07-Sep-2016 17:13

Thanks for sharing your time to respond.  That is actually what we tried to do first, but we have found that the machine name is buried inside a lot of the files in the PDSOE projects beyond the file, so we have a seemingly unending number of things that won't start based on resources being looked for on the wrong machine or in a place that doesn't exist on the new machine.  

We're about to wipe the slate clean on the new machine and start over. We're planning to try just using the file to get the appservers set up and then use the export/import for the projects themselves and see if that works any better.

Thanks again for the response.

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