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Posted by Madhusudan Vembar on 24-Aug-2016 07:19

Hi All,

  I'm new to Profiler, I have installed the Profiler and followed the instructions provided in the Profiler_ReadMe.docx. I was able to successfully install the toll and get it runnning. However when I try to run my program from the Profiler GUI. A message pops up and displays 0.  After that nothing happen.

Can someone guide me a way out of this.

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Posted by Keith Sudbury on 24-Aug-2016 07:38

What version of OE are you running? What options are you using?

That will help trace the core issue.

Posted by Adriano Correa on 24-Aug-2016 11:58

What about generate the profile.out from your application?

Use the parameter below in your .pf

-zprofile C:\Temp\prof.pf

and create the prof.pf file with these parameters:

-OUTFILE C:\Temp\profiler.out


-DESCRIBE "Some description"

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