PAS for OpenEdge Tuning Information

Posted by Rob Straight on 22-Aug-2016 10:52

We have posted a new document: PAS for OpenEdge Tuning Guide.

This provides a wealth of information on what to consider when you are building, testing and deploying OpenEdge applications using PAS for OpenEdge, and also provides specific tips/recommendations to work towards optimizing performance for your specific application.

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Posted by sah on 22-Aug-2016 11:10

New photo and have you seen the yammer post?

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 23-Aug-2016 02:45

Thanks - that is very valuable input!

One suggestion: As the MS-Sessions are a new concept and technically a completely different implementation as multiple classic AppServer processes, it would be great to have additional clarifying information if classic AppServer best practices and settings still apply for the new AppServer

- memory mapped procedure libraries

- which memory resources are shared between MS-Sessions

- how to compute -mmax

- Bt

- ...

Maybe this is a dumb question - and PASOE behaves here exactly like the classic AppServer.

Posted by RAJ DEV on 30-Aug-2016 05:30

Thanking You for sharing this document, which gives very valuable information

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