Embedded window - unable to set framer width correctly

Posted by Darren Parr on 11-Aug-2016 06:53


We've been having this strange issue with frame dimensions which I can't explain. During a resize event on a form with an embedded window I get into a procedure as follows.

The windowcontainer is resized correctly. The embedded window or {&WINDOW-NAME} has exactly the same width and height which is perfect. There is a single frame which we need to make larger as the size has increased. So we make the frame size the same as the window. On some occasions this works fine. On other occasions the dimensions on the frame don't change. I can't explain it. I've messaged out the window dimensions and also the frame dimensions before and after, As this is sized upwards both vertically and horizontally there should be no issue with this.

To test it I even put the frame assignment in a repeat block. so it does until the frame width etc has changed. I get in an endless loop as expected.

Any ideas?


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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 11-Aug-2016 06:59

Do you have a reproducible case or is this only happening at an end user site?

Posted by Darren Parr on 11-Aug-2016 07:13

It's on my pc. I'm running my  development system from eclipse. I think this has to be easy to reproduce.

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 11-Aug-2016 07:23

If you have the time, could you condense the code down to a simple reproducible case and attach it? I would try it myself but I find that there's often some overlooked detail that is the key to reproducing a problem.

Posted by Darren Parr on 11-Aug-2016 07:34

I think I've found it. On closer inspection the virtual-width-chars and virtual-height-chars on the window are actually LESS  than the window width-chars and height-chars. I'm pretty sure that should be impossible and would be if the windows wasnt embedded. This stops my frame assignment.

Clearly something has to give here. An embedded window has to have the window with and height made the same as the windowcontainer .net object. This should mean the virtual sizes have to be large enough to contain the current frame  no matter what. We should have non control over these values on the window when embedded and hence I would have expected the virtual sizes to be made as small as possible based on the current content of the window.


Posted by Matt Gilarde on 11-Aug-2016 07:38

Please log a bug with Progress tech support. That behavior is definitely incorrect.

Posted by Darren Parr on 11-Aug-2016 07:59

I agree. I'll raise it.

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