REST Form based authentication with additional fields

Posted by Mike Fechner on 06-Aug-2016 06:04


It's rather trivial to customize the styling of the login dialog of form based authentication. But can we add additional input fields to it? I'm thinking about values like language, locale and maybe values like factory or plant (within a login tenant).

How would we access those values on the backend? Will they be added to the client-principal? Or can we access them in any way?



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Posted by Alon Blich on 06-Aug-2016 11:38

Hello Mike,

I am not sure if this answers your questions but what we did a few years ago was basically create 2 services -

1. login service which receives a username and password, and possibly any other information. the service then creates a session record in the database with all the session data and returns the session id.

2. gateway service which all requests are routed through. every request requires a valid session id and before running the request that session information is loaded.



Posted by Mike Fechner on 06-Aug-2016 14:34

Challenge is that with the rest authentication the login form does not post directly to an ABL routine. It posts to a routine in the rest adapter (Java). Which the calls into ABL.

And tomcat just passes the user name and password to the ABL. The additional values are not accessible. I guess.

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