In ABL Web App project, which files should be tracked in a s

Posted by pliscki on 22-Jul-2016 08:47

So we're just starting with a new ABL web app with 11.6 in developer studio.

For now all files in the project structure have been added to the repository. We're already ignoring all rcode, but I wonder what else can be left aside.

Any thoughts?

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Posted by scott_auge on 22-Jul-2016 13:27

I have actually seen people make configuration files into version control, which of course, made for problems.  I really don't recommend that.

If your version control can handle binaries, be sure to include graphics!  

One may need to build two releases, one for the web and one for the transaction server - because sooner or later they are going to be on separate machines if they are not now.

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