Xref Missing with "Search" xreftype

Posted by ankitshukla on 20-Jul-2016 06:27

Can any one have any idea of that situation where xref doesn't shows the "SEARCH" xreftype?

I am checking the index for my query but it doesn't show me the search statement in the xref file. It has all other satement like "INCLUDE", "STRING", "REFERENCE" etc.

It shows something like this at the end of the file


May be related with index. But not sure about what are these "idx1" and "idx2".

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Posted by Bill Wood on 20-Jul-2016 06:44

Is your file using a static query, or is it dynamic?  The XREF file only shows searches that the compiler knows about.

Posted by ankitshukla on 20-Jul-2016 07:02

It is a static query.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 20-Jul-2016 07:04

Mind sharing your code? And the code the creates the XREF file?

Posted by ankitshukla on 20-Jul-2016 07:14

Find first xtrtbr0 no-lock  where

          xtrtbr0.rtbratid = "ANKIT" and

          xtrtbr0.rtbaxis  = "X" and

          xtrtbr0.rtbaxbrk = "1" no-error.

Where xtrtbr0 is a DB table.

XTREF generation:


compile xtrtbr0-test.p save xref h:\ank\xtrtbr0-test.xrf.

My OE version: 11.4

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