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Posted by carlos.rogerio on 12-Jul-2016 08:38

Hi all,

I am develloping a program using web service,
but when running I'm getting an error, on line of command below. Can anybody help me?

h-WebService:CONNECT("-WSDL C:\temp\FachadaWSSGS.wsdl -WSDLKeyFile C:\temp\banco.cer").


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Posted by Alex Herbstritt on 13-Jul-2016 10:13

Reading the documentation for the Web Service Connect method, it mentions for the -WSDLKeyFile parameter that "This option must be set only if -WSDLAuth parameter is set to ssl."

It may be the case that using the one parameter without the other is causing this to happen.

Posted by carlos.rogerio on 13-Jul-2016 11:50

Alex, I tryed this way, but the error continues

Posted by Alex Herbstritt on 14-Jul-2016 09:46

For our XML and Web Services we use some third party libraries. If there are no specific errors being generated from the ABL run time, it may the case that there is an issue with your MS environment. Here is are a few references from MS about resolving this error case:

A description of the underlying issue:


An MS solution for resolving the issue:


If you do a web search of "runtime error r6025 pure virtual function call" you can find more information.

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