Need help baisc web application to deploy over PAS

Posted by rishi.jain on 12-Jul-2016 07:38

Is there a good document available that describes step by step procedure to create a simple WebApp using openedge 11.6?

I created PAS instance but whenever I deploy any web application there, it is not working. If any one have any basic document or information regarding this, please share with me, it will be great help.



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Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 12-Jul-2016 08:01

Hi Rishi,

Here you can find the documentation.

Please let us know what type of error you are getting while publishing the application.



Posted by Irfan on 12-Jul-2016 09:21

Hi Rishi,

Are you looking for developing and running ABL Web Applications in PASOE. If it is the case, I can send you the workshop script that we executed in NAPUG. That has detail steps on how to create a ABL Web Applications from PDSOE. Security and other features will be a bonus

Posted by rishi.jain on 13-Jul-2016 04:58

Thanks Rama and Irfan for your help.

I am using 11.6 openedge version and able to successfully published  ABL webspeed Service name as helloemployee under hrweb (ABL Web app project) on oepas1 (pas) . But when I am trying to access through browser, it is showing error.

URL : localhost:8810/.../helloemployee

500 - Server Error: the server could not produce a response entity due to an internal error - GET /hrweb/web/helloemployee

Error details

Remote user: null

HTTP Session: 1F68258EE322B76198D8736A7BBAFF4144B18C720731.oepas1

User principal: null

Scheme: http

Remote address: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1

Server name: localhost

PASOE product type: dev

HTTP status: 500

Error detail:

Debug details

HTTP method: GET

Web application: /hrweb

Transport: OEWebServlet

Request URL: /hrweb/web/helloemployee

Path info: null

Servlet name: OEWebServlet

URI: /hrweb/web/helloemployee

Exception class:

Exception message:

Exception stack trace:

any idea, how to rectify this error?

Posted by bronco on 13-Jul-2016 06:42

What does the logfile say? It's in $CATALINA_BASE/logs/<appserver-name>.agent.log

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