PASOE (11.6.2) Memory violation (49)

Posted by dvoyat on 11-Jul-2016 10:08


Wondering anyone can help. We're running PAS PROD 11.6.2 on HPUx.

The setup has gone following sequence setup OE11.6 then PAS PROD 11.6 then OE 11.6.2. When doing similar setup as per window 64 (it works well on windows same 11.6 version except SP2 not applied there) we got following error on agent log file.

[16/07/11@15:44:56.449+0100] P-005552 T-000004 1 AS-ResourceMgr MSAS Unable to startup resource manager thread. Exiting.
[16/07/11@15:44:56.449+0100] P-005552 T-000004 1 AS-ResourceMgr -- SYSTEM ERROR: Memory violation. (49)
[16/07/11@15:44:56.450+0100] P-005552 T-000004 1 AS-ResourceMgr -- ** Save file named core for analysis by Progress Software Corporation. (439)

With following protrace file generated.

(0)  0x40000000008973e0  uttraceback + 0x60 at /vobs_prgs/src/ut/utstack.c:254 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(1)  0x4000000001f74c80  utcore + 0x4c0 at /vobs_prgs/src/ut/utbuf.c:731 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(2)  0x4000000000648fd0  drexit + 0x390 at /vobs_prgs/src/drsys/drsetup.c:960 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(3)  0x4000000000894720  drSigFatal + 0x1e0 at /vobs_rkt/src/glue/drsig.c:1349 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(4)  0xe0000001201cb440  ---- Signal 11 (SIGSEGV) delivered ----
(5)  0x0000000000000000  .PLT0 + 0x3fffffffffefe460 [/usr/lib/hpux64/]
(6)  0x4000000001d41820  sock_terminate + 0xe0 at /vobs_prgs/src/nsssys/nsssock.c:3195 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(7)  0x4000000001d0aa40  npp_terminate + 0x160 at /vobs_prgs/src/utils/miscsys/npp.c:514 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(8)  0x4000000001d016b0  csMtSessionShutdown + 0xa0 at /vobs_prgs/src/cssys/csmtpools.c:1012 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(9)  0x400000000066da80  csMtThreadExit + 0x2f0 at /vobs_prgs/src/cssys/csmtapsv.c:2175 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(10) 0x4000000000cbb420  csMtResrcMgrThreadMain + 0x15b0 at /vobs_prgs/src/cssys/csmtlistnr.c:1192 [/progress/dlc116/bin/_mproapsv]
(11) 0xc00000000023fe80  __pthread_bound_body + 0x190 at /ux/core/libs/threadslibs/src/common/pthreads/pthread.c:4875 [/usr/lib/hpux64/]

This sounds similar as per

BUT none of the described symptoms (file permission) are met.

This is a very basic test where the deployed app doesn't even connect to any database.

Haven't found anything obvious. It sounds like a permission but not the one mentionned in the KB. We're not running under ROOT user but all CATALINA_HOME & BASE folder and subfolder do have the permission changed as well as DLC and WRK.

At some point we're wondering if SP2 have eventually overwritten something set by PASOE PROD 11.6 installation.



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Posted by Irfan on 12-Jul-2016 09:26

Hi Denis,

Is this something that occurred to you immediately as soon as you started the PASOE Instance or did it occur over a period ?

Posted by dvoyat on 12-Jul-2016 10:30

Hi Irfan,

Thanks for your reply.

It happens immediately at PASOE instance start.



Posted by Irfan on 12-Jul-2016 10:37

Is it running any code with the event procedures or just plain PASOE instance startup failed ?  Sorry, I haven't seen this protrace earlier so had to ask

Posted by dvoyat on 13-Jul-2016 03:04

Thanks Irfan.

Actually the PASOE instance has somehow started. I can for instance get "Welcome to Progress Application server for OpenEdge" page when I fire server:8700 (8700 being instance port) in browser. There no root app deployed at this stage. Failure happen immediately when PASOE process start (_mproapsv) as per agent log I mentionned in post with its corresponding protrace. I've actually posted a case to Progress support. Will post any further hapenning/finding there.

Posted by Irfan on 13-Jul-2016 09:09

Thank you. We will work with TS to understand the problem

Posted by dvoyat on 18-Jul-2016 07:44


As per current Progress support investigation issue COULD BE related to hostname being truncated to 8 char max. Sounds like memory violation is misleading error, PASOE not being able to resolve hostname/IP address . Our hostname is > 8 chars.

Still waiting for solution.



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