Display frame on last page only?

Posted by James Palmer on 08-Jul-2016 04:50

Some good old-fashioned code for you all today! Progress 10.2B08 on Windows. 

We use frames to output text to a text file for docket printing purposes. It works nicely even if it is a little antiquated in style. I'm trying to work out how to get my footer to only display on the last page of the text. Is this even possible? My code so far is below, but this appears on every page at the foot. 

         "Driver Name:          " at 2 "_____________________________" skip(1)
         "Driver Signature:     " at 2 "_____________________________" skip(1)
         "Vehicle Registration: " at 2 "_____________________________" skip(1)
         "Date:                 " at 2 "_____________________________" skip(5)
         with frame f-footer overlay width 180 no-labels page-bottom
         no-box no-attr-space stream-io use-text.

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Posted by Steve Moore on 08-Jul-2016 05:23

Does this work?

1) Change "display" to "form header".

2) Add the line "view frame f-footer."

Posted by James Palmer on 08-Jul-2016 05:31

It does indeed. Thanks Steve.

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