system.invalidoperationexception object is currently in use

Posted by Peter van Dam on 29-Jun-2016 08:08

Has anyone ever seen this error message?

Some of our customers are getting this occasionally (of course it cannot be reproduced) in our GUI for .NET application.

I have searched the PKB - nothing.

I have searched the internet and there I find that this error can only happen when you use multiple threads. That is interesting because as far as I know that is impossible and we are not doing it.

So I am suspecting it is something else - but how the heck can I find out what if we cannot reproduce it? Progress support don't have a clue either and of course are also asking for a reproduction. My last hope is if someone here on this forum recognizes the situation.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 29-Jun-2016 08:12

Does using -debugalert get you a message box with the help button enabled so you can get the current call stack?

Posted by Mike Fechner on 29-Jun-2016 08:14

.NET Stack trace with that Exception?

Posted by Peter van Dam on 05-Jul-2016 02:48

Sorry guys I missed your replies while I thought there were not any.

We have not been able to get a stack trace yet because this happens randomly on different workstations and cannot be reproduced so far.

But I am pretty sure by now there is some resource running out and this error is not real.

Is there any way to find that out?


Posted by Mike Fechner on 05-Jul-2016 02:52

The Stacktrace would help ;-)

Posted by jmls on 05-Jul-2016 03:19

Most of the posts on the internet seem to be mentioning brushes, drawing or fonts : Are you using any dll / .net component in the UI that uses drawings etc ? I seem to remember some problems with multi-threaded .net controls (not this specific error though) that you had to force to use a single thread by using INVOKE-THROUGH (or something like that)

What UI toolkit are you using ? Any non-ui .net tools ?

Posted by Peter van Dam on 06-Jul-2016 07:31

We are not using any fancy stuff, just standard Infragistics controls (OpenEdge GUI for .NET).

We are heavily using the schedule control and it contains a *lot* of information. Somehow after working with that for a copuole of hours the errors are starting to come (it seems).

Posted by Peter van Dam on 23-Jul-2016 14:30

For what it's worth this issue is now thought to be a bug in an Infragistics control.

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