Does the community maintain a job board?

Posted by josephguerra on 27-Jun-2016 08:12

I apologize if this is inappropriate in this forum. I was unsure where else it might fit. As a Progress developer, it has been my experience that it can be difficult at times matching myself up with companies who need Progress developers, at least in the U.S. 

It is a bit of a catch-22. It always seemed while I was on projects that we could never find enough Progress developers, and then when I was not engaged in a project, I could never find a company that was hiring Progress developers, whether it be ABL/OOABL/Webspeed or otherwise. 

Is there a community board or 3rd party site that is focused on Progress jobs? Seems to me that there should exist such a beast somewhere. Progress has been around quite awhile and although the market share is relatively small, it is not tiny.


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Posted by Marco Aurelio on 27-Jun-2016 08:53

Hi, I can say that I have the same perception here in Brazil, I'm not sure if I'll find another job to use progress. I think that there is more Cobol Jobs than progress.

Posted by on 27-Jun-2016 09:04

Look here:

or here:

And there is also something:

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