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Posted by Pierre Blitzkow on 16-Jun-2016 13:52


Someone could develop an application with Bootstrap that comunicate with DB Progress throutgh webspeed?

I am looking for information about it. If you have someone who can help me thank you.


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Posted by on 16-Jun-2016 14:14

Hi Pierre,

we do use extensively Bootstrap along with Angular and sometime Kendo, how do you get data from back-end is not that important as far as the UI is concerned… it’s all JSON so any REST will work just fine. We use our own as ‘application server’ but webspeed can work as well, depending on the OE version there can be more or less support for JSON so it’s rather nice to be on a more recent version if you go that route.

If you’re interested to find out more we do offer consulting services in area of web/mobile development for OE applications, you might also want to check out our sports2000 demo - 

Best regards,

Marian Edu

Acorn IT 
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Posted by smat-consulting on 16-Jun-2016 14:14

The HTML/JS guy on my previous project used jquery and bootstrap for the front-end, while I wrote the OE backend. He made ajax web-request (POST and GET) and I responded with a JSON object.

So, to answer your question: YES.

I might be able to help a little... what are you struggling with?

Posted by Etienne Begin on 16-Jun-2016 14:19

I use it a lot.  Here's an example header.

<head> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"/> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/addons/bootstrap_v3_3_4/css/bootstrap.min.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/addons/fontawesome_v4_3_0/css/font-awesome.min.css"> </head>

Posted by Irfan on 16-Jun-2016 14:20

Hi Pierre,

If you are interested, we are doing a workshop for NA-PUG on "SpeedScript to StylishUI using PASOE WebHandlers". This involves running PASOE WebHandlers in the backend which is called by kendoUI + AngularsJS based front-end. If you are attending the PUG then it will be something of your use, if not then I can send the material to you after the PUG.

Posted by Pierre Blitzkow on 07-Jul-2016 12:49

Sorry for taking so long to answer.

Thanks for all comments.

After I study about the doubts, I discovered that is need write Html mixed with 4gl, if anyone can send me one example like send data and like receive data will help me, or any tutorial about this.

Posted by smat-consulting on 07-Jul-2016 13:21

Never, ever, ever, write 4gl inside of the HTML! You are creating a whole boatload of troubles for yourself.

The better way to combine web-pages with progress 4GL/ABL application is by using the regular html requests (AJAX calls, using POST method works usually best; in some cases GET might suffice, too).

the HTML side shouldn't care about what on the server is responding to its request.

On the server you can have the WebSpeed agent take the parameters received through the request, do it's magic to determine the appropriate response, and send the results back - usually these days, these results are formatted as JSON.

I recommend to have a small wrapper .p that includes src/web/method/cgidefs.i (which holds the standard progress cgi functions), and have this program call the actual logic program, after transferring all parameters into a name/value temptable. That way, all your logic is just simple 4GL, and no HTML/JS or WebSpecific knowledge is needed. And, if you need to change the interface (for example switching from traditional WebSpeed to the new PASOE WebSpeed), you need to only modify this simple wrapper program, and the rest all stays exactly the same.

If you need help getting started, drop me an email...

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