Unable to open parameter file in ABLUNIT

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 08-Jun-2016 02:27

Hi Team,

My question is - Do we need to give absolute path for connecting database in ABLUnit(@Before)? Cant we give relative path to connect to database in ABLUnit?

I am writing testcases in ABLUnit and calling "connectdb.p" in @Before annotation. The "connectdb.p" calls the paramerter file (test.pf) which connects the database.

"connectdb.p" --

CONNECT -pf c:\shilpi\poc\ablunit\devproperties\test.pf.

/*CONNECT -pf devproperties\test.pf.*/

propath of ABLUnit is- 

If i give absolute path, then ABLunit works fine. but when i give relative path (devproperties\test.pf) in CONNECT statment, then an error appears-

since c:\shilpi\poc\ablunit exists in propath so it should pick parameter file devproperties\test.pf. But it does not.

ABLUnit Testcase-

Please suggest and figure out if I doing something wrong.

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Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 08-Jun-2016 05:05

please see above posts and revert to me.. it is very urgent task.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 08-Jun-2016 05:16

I do not believe the –pf startup parameter looks across the PROPATH for the file.  If you use a relative path it looks for the file in <current_directory> + <value_from_-pf_parameter>.

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