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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 02-Jun-2016 09:05

Is there an updated version of the OERA model that goes into more details than the DA / BL / Presentation / Common layer image that's been around for a while?

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 02-Jun-2016 09:12

Some additional details and implementation guidelines are being worked out by the Common Component Specification project. What are you looking for?

Posted by Shelley Chase on 02-Jun-2016 09:14

Hi Tim,

Take a look at the Common Component Specification Architecture V1.



Posted by Tim Kuehn on 02-Jun-2016 09:20

The OEAA Diagram is what I believe I was remembering - so "yay" there!

The image on the web page is a bit low-res, is there a higher-res version of this image and the OERA that I can use? I'm putting together a presentation for PCA and need images that'll look good on The Big Screen.

Posted by Peter Judge on 06-Jun-2016 11:51

What kind of detail / layers are you interested in?
Some of the CCS stuff is intended to address that.

Posted by on 06-Jun-2016 11:51

Tim, you can always draw a new one on 

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 06-Jun-2016 12:07

I'm hoping to find higher-res images of the OERA and OEAA diagrams for a presentation I'm writing.

The copies I have now will work, though a higher resolution version of these images will look a lot better on the big screen.

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