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Posted by GregHiggins on 01-Jun-2016 06:10

I'm running into a stop condition, but it's not writing any error messages to my log. I tried setting 4GLTrace:3 but that didn't do anything either. How can I find out what the stop condition is reacting to?   

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Posted by jbijker on 01-Jun-2016 06:31

STOP terminates the agent, unless you handle the STOP condition with an ON STOP phrase.

Note there is an undocumented _Msg(1) function you can use to get a progress error number.

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Posted by Laura Stern on 01-Jun-2016 08:08

But really, this should never happen.  There should always be a message except for when using STOP-AFTER or the STOP statement.  If no message was written to the log, I'm guessing there actually was no message, which sounds like some kind of a bug.  How do you know you got a STOP condition in the first place?

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