How to compile webspeed html files

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 30-May-2016 07:58

Hi team,

How to compile webspeed programs (.html not .ps) from Command prompt or programatically? Means I want to compile htmls files through command prompt and i am able to compile .ps through program.

For this, I have created a batch file which is picking batch id from BUILD and unzip the source code which contains htlms as well as .ps. I want to compile the source code. So I am able to compile ps but not .htmls files.

So can you please suggest me how to compile htmls files? 

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Posted by Bill Wood on 30-May-2016 08:06

WebSpeed comes with a utility file that reads the .html with embedded speedscript and generates an intermediate ABL file (which you then compile).      The utility is tty/webutil/e4gl-gen.r.

You can look for this in the documentation, and also on the Knowledge Base ( : HOW TO COMPILE AN HTML FILE WITH EMBEDDED SPEEDSCRIPT IN 4GL)

Posted by Mike Fechner on 30-May-2016 08:08

From command line: ANT/PCT:

From within an ABL session:

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 31-May-2016 00:34

Hi team,

When I compile the programs using this utility tty/webutil/e4gl-gen.r, getting following error. pfa.


and I am not able to find the .p or .w of this  tty/webutil/e4gl-gen.r in my machine so that i could recompile it. So can you please suggest me How to compile the utitlity? Then only we can proceed further.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 31-May-2016 01:28

My 11.6 installation contains that file under GUI and under TTY. Please check your propath, so that you use the version of the utility that matches your environment.

Or consider the ANT/PCT option from my link above.. I would always consider ANT for tooling and automation.

Posted by Marco Aurelio on 31-May-2016 06:52

to compile it You will have to download it. but strange that you have to do it. as mike said check your propath.Does your compiler in workshop works? if so you can check its propath with your GUI propath, version etc...

openedge 11.6


Posted by Bill Wood on 06-Jun-2016 11:50

It looks like you are running it with a GUI bersion of Progress. It needs to be a character (tty) version (and I think a batch executable will work as well)

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