Telerik Reporting (2th try)

Posted by goo on 27-May-2016 07:39

I wonder if anyone have start using the Telerik Reporting tool ? Do you know if there are some good examples using OpenEdge 4GL implementing that tool? I need to rewrite some old ReportBuilder reports to use against 11.6 and webclient, and either I have to write new pdf reports, or use Viper, but I would love to try Telerik Reporting, but it seems a bit complexed...

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Posted by DivyaTheja on 27-May-2016 08:01

Hello Geir,

May i know which version of Telerik Reporting you are using? Telerik reporting tool, from version 10 (Q1 2016), provides OpenEdge OpenClient DataSource to fetch data from OpenEdge business logic and design reports using that data. Input to datasource is a DLL (assembly, a proxy generated using proxygen).

From reporting designer, you can easily design your report and export the report as pdf file.

You can find documentation at

Following are steps i tried:


1. Write ABL code with output parameters.

2. Deploy ABL code to OpenEdge appserver.

3. From Proxygen, generate assemblies out of the .r code deployed.

Design Reports:

1. From Teleirk Standalone reporting designer/visual studio, create a new report file.

2. Add datasource – OpenEdge OpenClient Data Source.

3. Provide the DLLs generated in step 3, and Appserver details. Make sure that AppServer is running.

4. Click on FINSH.

5. Insert a table with datasource data.

6. Save and click on Preview to see the report.

You can export the report to pdf from here.


Report can be deployed to ABL or can be embedded to html file.

Hope this helps,


Posted by goo on 27-May-2016 08:12

Thanks Divya, is there any whitepaper explaning this? I would also need to implement dynamic pictures in the reports, is that easy?

Posted by DivyaTheja on 27-May-2016 10:50

Hello Geir,

There is no whitepaper written on this yet. If i understand your question, you need to display pictures dynamically either from a webserver or database in reports. In that case, yes we can.


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