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Posted by marian.edu on 27-May-2016 03:32

Hi there, this is probably more for technical support but there might be someone out there listening so though to throw it in anyway...

We're trying to open some 4GL 'content type' input stream inside the OE editor... there is no resource/file for that in the workspace so did implemented IStorage and IStorageEditorInput and while the OE editor seems to be able to handle that editor input there is something missing that we would really like to have it working if possible and that it syntax highlight :(

The editor seems to be able to parse the syntax just fine, the outline view it's correctly populated, check-syntax menu entry is greyed out but that is expected since there is no real file... having coloured syntax will be nice to have though. Does anyone know why that isn't working with storage editor input and equally important are they ways we can make it work? :)


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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 27-May-2016 04:04

Please open an official case with Tech Support if you really want us to deal with this.  You cannot rely on us doing something just because it is posted on communities.

Posted by marian.edu on 27-May-2016 04:28

Will do Brian, just thought someone could answer that from the top of he’s head :)

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Posted by marian.edu on 27-May-2016 06:52

done, case #00349005...  supportlink.progress.com/.../CDetails

hope it's something simple I overlooked :)

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