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Posted by bart.syryn on 19-May-2016 10:14

Hi, I have a strange problem and I can't figure out what's wrong .... I have a .NET form with a Ultrawingrid and datasource on it. The ultrawingrid has three bands. I have a dataset with the following definition: DEFINE DATASET dsorganisatiemaribel FOR tt-erkenningmaribel, tt-organisatiemaribel, tt-organisatiemaribelschor DATA-RELATION DRorganisatiemaribel FOR tt-erkenningmaribel, tt-organisatiemaribel RELATION-FIELDS (dossiernrerkenningmaribel,dossiernrorganisatiemaribel,organisatienr,organisatienr,erkenningmaribelnr,erkenningmaribelnr) DATA-RELATION DRorganisatiemaribelschor FOR tt-organisatiemaribel, tt-organisatiemaribelschor RELATION-FIELDS(dossiernrorganisatiemaribel,dossiernrorganisatiemaribelschor,organisatienr,organisatienr,erkenningmaribelnr,erkenningmaribelnr,organisatiemaribelnr,organisatiemaribelnr,werknemernr,werknemernr). The three bands are for 1. tt-erkenningmaribel, 2. tt-organisatiemaribel, 3. tt-organisatiemaribelschor Everything is displayed in the grid like it should be. Problem is, when I only have 1 record in tt-organisatiemaribelschor (band 3), then that record doesn't come available when I select the row in the ultragrid. When I have 2 or more records in band 3, then no problem at all. What can be the problem here ? I've looked in the data-relation, but that seems to be correct. Version is OE11.3 SP03. And why is the lay-out of my posts not correct when I post on PSDN .... Kind regards Bart

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