Hide title bar in Dialog box

Posted by archana.gupta on 13-May-2016 04:34


Please suggest if there is any way to hide title bar of a dialog-box in progress. Is there any way to use user32.dll library or windows library to achieve this.

The suppress-window property suppresses the title of a Window. Is there something similar for Dialog-box.



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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 13-May-2016 04:53

Are you asking about an ABL dialog box (VIEW-AS DIALOG-BOX) or a .NET dialog box (ShowDialog)?

I can find anything about a "suppress-window" property. Do you have a small example which shows how you hide the title bar of a window?

Posted by archana.gupta on 13-May-2016 05:55

I am asking about ABL dialog-frame (see below). I looking for a way to hide the title bar.

I suppressed the Window title using below highlighted property.

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 13-May-2016 07:10

The "Suppress Window" option tells the code generator to not include a CREATE WINDOW statement in the code. The frame will be created in the current window, which is either a window which you've displayed or the default window. The window should have a title bar. Can you show a screenshot of the window you see when using Suppress Window? Is it working differently than I described?

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