OpenEdge 10.2A on HP-UX and cURL

Posted by MBeynon on 25-Apr-2016 02:23


We have a client who wishes to use the WorldPay payment provider from their CHUI application as per the subject.

WorldPay use the latest encryption routines which are not supported natively in Progress 10.2A. Unfortunately, the customer is not in a position currently to move to 11x which does support these new encryption routines.

My question is, can we use cURL (in conjunction with openssl) via an OS-COMMAND to handle the payment transaction and certificate validation for us from 10.A?



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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 25-Apr-2016 04:56

The curl command is a command line executable so there is no problem invoking it from an ABL session.  As to whether curl itself will do what you want and be able to return success/error info is what you need to determine.

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