Invalid Character in numeric input . (76)

Posted by hermes on 22-Apr-2016 07:58

I have developed a program that takes in a csv file and populates certain tables. This ran this with no issues on the sandbox server but when I sent it over to production i get a "Invalid Character in numeric input . (76) error. So I thought there was a "." somewhere in the import csv and the data types did not match. But i removed every "." and I always get this error. I tried numerous things. Does anyone have some ideas? 

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Posted by gus on 22-Apr-2016 08:08

i would guess that the field order in the sandbox and the prodction databases do not match and this causes a character field value to be erroneously loaded into a numeric.

Posted by James Palmer on 22-Apr-2016 08:09

Without seeing your code and the csv it'll be tricky. Although I suspect that the . is the end of the sentence and the actual character in question is an unprintable one.

Posted by Marco Mendoza on 22-Apr-2016 09:15

how is created the csv? with an export "table"? with puts? how is loaded? import table? with delimiter? So many questions. why not to share an small piece of your code?

Posted by hermes on 22-Apr-2016 11:58

I figured it out I was missing a trim and the invalid character was not a . it was a newline... even though it looked like a . because newline does not show in the error

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