3 Windows 10 Machines, only 1 with a MSCOMCTL TreeView licen

Posted by noblesw on 18-Apr-2016 14:53

I have 3 Windows 10 machines, two of which were upgraded from windows 8.1, and one bought new with Windows 10.

The OE 10.2B application on all three machines is the same OE version, with the same end user application code on all three machines.  The new machine, however, fails to load the MS TreeView control at design time with the catch-all message "The license file for the specified Active-X control was not found."

MSDN help online seems to just say "fix your registry with your Visual Studio disc installed".  I've never bought Visual Studio on any of these machines.  Did MS take away the development rights to this control to non-Visual Studio platforms with a recent OS release?   Does anyone know how to fix this (other than buying Visual Studio)?

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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 18-Apr-2016 14:59

I don't know what "fix your registry with your Visual Studio disc installed" means, but Visual Studio Express is free so if you need Visual Studio to fix this that's a way to get it.

Posted by noblesw on 18-Apr-2016 15:53

Matt, you're a genius.  Problem solved.  Apparently, MS is not providing the license for (at least some of) the MSCOMCTL.OCX controls in Windows 10.  After installing Visual Studio Express, and restarting, I'm good.

Thanks much.

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