Multiple OpenEdge Projects/REST services for a single Pacifi

Posted by Matt Bushell on 18-Apr-2016 09:27

Hi all, we have multiple Projects/REST services in OpenEdge all connected to "oepas1" they are mainly test projects, each one a new iteration of the back end for a new app we are developing.

Using OpenEdge 11.6.1

So it looks like this in the Project Explorer:


Now SupplierOrder, SupplierOrder5 & SupplierOrder7 are all different versions of the same REST service and as such the ABL Procedures inside have the same file names. When we compile for instance SupplierOrder5\AppServer\Product_Quick.p it compiles into \\sideshowbob\OpenEdge\WRK\oepas1\openedge\Product_Quick.r ready for oepas1 to execute. However if I compile SupplierOrder7\AppServer\Product_Quick.p it too compiles into \\sideshowbob\OpenEdge\WRK\oepas1\openedge\Product_Quick.r, overwriting the r-code compile for the other REST service.

Is this by design? I can clearly work around it by introducing a sub folder to each project/REST service, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something fundamental.

Cheers all


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Posted by Peter Judge on 18-Apr-2016 09:36

That's by design. We consider the stuff in <instance>/openedge to be 'common business logic' (ie stuff that's accessible to the whole instance).
Starting in 11.6 there's also an openedge folder in <webapp>/WEB-INF that is added to PROPATH automatically. This is intended to be 'service interface' code which is the code that receives and processes the incoming request (applies security, formats data etc). You can see the latter folder in PASOEContent/WEB-INF/openedge.
You can also still change PROPATH to have whatever you want in it.

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