Posted by GregHiggins on 13-Apr-2016 20:56

I am somewhat puzzled. It looks like you went out of your way to make it nearly impossible to inherit from OpenEdge.Core.Collections.Collection using your own temp-table, but inheriting from the Iterator class using your own temp-table is relatively easy.  Why is there no Collection ( h as handle, c as character ) constructor to override the use of the private temp-table ttCollection in this class?

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Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 14-Apr-2016 07:48

I think the idea is that you should inherit OpenEdge.Core.Collections.AbstractTTCollection directly in that case. It already implements ICollection. Hopefully all our methods and properties reference ICollection and not Collection (by now).  Both methods in Collection operate directly against the static temp-table so you should not need (or want) this in the class hierarchy if you use a different temp-table.   

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