OpenEdge 11.6 (32bit) Installer Problems

Posted by MTBOO on 07-Apr-2016 12:06

Has anyone been experiencing issues with installing OpenEdge 11.6 32bit with Progress Developer Studio. We seem to be experiencing issues with this release that we haven't seen before.

The main issue seems to be with the increase in memory usage for Developer Studio. The installer seems to want to launch it towards the end of the installation and majority of installs are failing with "Unable to Start Java VM" errors. It is then difficult to recover from this and correct installation requires further attempts with first having to clean out 11.6 registry entries. Without doing this, components of the install tend to fail e.g. the Admin Service is not installed on some occasions.

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Posted by MTBOO on 07-Apr-2016 12:12

In addition to this, the log file created during install shows the same error as highlighted in the following post:

Windows 7 Professional

Posted by tpavlovic on 07-Apr-2016 12:44

Before the installation set the environment variable_JAVA_OPTIONS to -Xmx384m. You can adjust it later if you need to (or remove it completely if possible; I had to set it to 768m otherwise Eclipse would not start).

Posted by MTBOO on 07-Apr-2016 13:01

Is it _JAVA_OPTIONS on Windows or JAVA_OPTS ?

Posted by tpavlovic on 07-Apr-2016 13:25


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