How to increase the performance of the report?

Posted by vignesh kumar on 24-Mar-2016 06:34


Can you please suggest how to increase the speed of the report running.

usually i run one report in 5mins but now it takes more than 30mins what could be the reason and how to improve it?

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 24-Mar-2016 06:40

I think you asked the same question yesterday, however, my first comment would be to compile the code using the listing and xref options then see what indexes are being used and whether those are the best ones.  When I see things like this the first thing I think of is (as someone else said) you have more data.  The second thing I think of is that someone added or changed indexes in the database and the code was recompiled and now it is using different indexes .
So, basically, you need to go do the basic set of analysis.

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