OERealm authentication with PASOE : OpenEdge 11.6

Posted by mdanwarh on 23-Mar-2016 05:58

Hi Experts,

I have developed a small REST application, which is working fine. I can see the response by using Google Advance REST client (http://ctsc00520904801.cts.com:8810/oeabl/rest/sports2000Service/postCustomer)

Now, I want to implement Spring Security feature by using OERealm. I followed the steps mentioned in 


Once the setup completed, I tried to access http://ctsc00520904801.cts.com:8810/oeabl/static/auth/login.html and provided the username and password created inside _user table.

But I am not getting the proper response (i.e. JSESSIONID). I am getting the following URL in response


Am I missing any configuration? Please help !

Thanks in advance
Anwar Hussain

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