Application Screen Only Appears On Taskbar

Posted by Karikalan Ram on 12-Mar-2016 02:20


I work on 10.2B GUI application. Not sure what I messed up if I trigger to call child screen from main screen child screen only appears on windows task bar, unable to view or make any entry. Any suggestions pls?


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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 12-Mar-2016 06:23

I have not worked on old GUI in a bit but is there not properties on the window such as HIDDEN / VISIBLE?

Posted by Bill Wood on 12-Mar-2016 07:05

Also you need to ENABLE the widgets for input.  

It might help if you could:

- post a simple example

- perhaps a screen shot with issue

- what tooling are you using (is this an AppBuilder created .w?)

Posted by Peter Judge on 14-Mar-2016 07:44

It might be that the positions are off your visible screen.  If you can, set the :X and :Y to be something you know to be on-screen (like 10 and 10 or something).
Alternatively use Windows keyboard shortcuts to grab and pull the window into view. Select using ALT-TAB . Then ALT-SPACE for the window menu. Then M for Move and use the arrow keys (d-pad) to move the window into view.

Posted by Karikalan Ram on 31-Mar-2016 10:47

Thanks All, Yes Peter, you're right. Its related with screen positioning. Especially in office I work with 2 monitors whereas in home single monitor. Based on the registry setting application assumes to open on extended monior which is not available at home, thats the reason for causing the issue and its appears only on task bar. Its fixed now. Thanks again.

Posted by Paul Mowat on 01-Apr-2016 02:17

I've hit issues with multiple monitors numerous times and had to use the Move method as Peter described. Another way to do it in windows 8 anyway is to select the icon and use the windows key and arrow keys to dock the window over to your other monitor.

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