AngularJS configuration with PDSOE to access REST URL

Posted by mdanwarh on 09-Mar-2016 07:10

Hi Experts,

I am trying to develop a simple REST application using AngularJS as UI. I have exposed one service and getting JSON Object by accessing REST URL on Advance REST Client (Chrome Extension). 

Now as next step, I want to display the JSON data to UI by using AngularJS. My question is 

1. Can we configure AngularJS project with PDSOE?

2. If yes, What are the steps to configure AngularJS project? Is it similar to any other Eclipse or does it require different steps?

3. How to test simple HTML using AngularJS?

Please help!

Thanks in advance

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Posted by Irfan on 09-Mar-2016 07:44

It should be equal to writing any other java script files in eclipse or PDSOE

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