Connecting to OEPAS server from .NET Open Client

Posted by markarb on 08-Mar-2016 07:53

My Connection to the OEPAS server from the ABL like this
CONNECT("-sessionModel Session-free -URL localhost:8810:oepas1/apsv")

The documentation for .NET Open Client hasn’t been updated since 2014 (11.4), and the information I can find on the changes to the connection class are very few.

I have got the connection from .NET to work using a connection like
backend = new Connection( "http://localhost:8810/ /apsv",   "", "", "");

When I from .NET uses the URL ‘localhost:8810:oepas1/apsv’ I get the following error ‘Bad URL format’.
If I try with ‘localhost:8810/.../apsv’ I get ‘SessionPool: NoAvailableSession [Could not connect to the appserver: General Error 9990. (7203)]’

Does anyone know the correct syntax to connect to a OEPAS server from a .NET project?


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Posted by Matt Baker on 08-Mar-2016 07:56

You need to include the HTTP or HTTPS schema as part of the URL.

As such:

CONNECT("-URL localhost:8810:oepas1/apsv")

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 08-Mar-2016 09:09

and drop the oepas1:


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