Encoding url when performing Post Request

Posted by ioanadan on 08-Mar-2016 06:00

Hi all,

Do you know if the encoding implementation is provided by the new Progress Http Client? 

I have a problem when performing a post request against the Rollbase Rest API (so that it supports an UTF-8 encoded input).

When passing data to the RollbaseAdapter with German Umlaut (e.g. Äöüß) my current encoding implementation is not working.

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Posted by Peter Judge on 08-Mar-2016 06:04

The URI type has Encode() and Decode() methods. API doc is at documentation.progress.com/.../OpenEdge.Net.URI.html

Posted by ioanadan on 08-Mar-2016 06:38

the problem is that the expected returned type is longchar, not character

Posted by Peter Judge on 08-Mar-2016 06:48

Are you expecting a LONGCHAR? The URI methods return CHARACTER.

Posted by Akioma on 14-Mar-2016 08:54

I see that all the methods work with CHAR Datatype. What if one is using LONGCHAR because the Data to be encoded could be larger than the Progress CHAR limit?

Posted by Peter Judge on 14-Mar-2016 09:10

Out of curiosity, do you have practical examples of >32k URL's?

Currently the whole public URI API uses characters (query strings are stored internally as longchars but that's not exposed anywhere).

Changing this would require a call to TS to log a bug, since there's no simple workaround I can see right now.

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