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Posted by spandau66 on 29-Feb-2016 02:59


I am continually encountering an issue with Starting and Publishing a PASOE Rest Instance. ON average, I have restart the 'Instance' 3 to 4 times and then Publishing is becoming a nightmare. I attempt to publish and it fails, then I select 'Clean' (again 2 to 3 times) and if lucky, it eventually publishes.

The error I always see is:

'Publishing to OARestPasoe in xxxxx 

(Pacific Applicaiton Server for OpenEdge 11.6)...' has encountered a problem.


Failed to extract zip :  Forbidden

I have created Instances before and had similar error messages which eventually disappeared. This is a second instance currently running on my Laptop. At first I thought that perhaps it was an issue created by myself or something on my Laptop. BUT, we attempted to create another instance on a different machine with the same results.

There no clues or indicators in the log files (no entries are made).

Firstly, has anyone else come across this? (Not seen any issues raised for this).

Secondly, is Progress aware of this and potentially looking into it?


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Posted by abhdogra on 29-Feb-2016 03:35

This is a known issue  and has been fixed in 11.6.1 release.

Issue id for this is - 'PSC00343158'

Posted by laurent KIEFFER on 29-Feb-2016 03:53


Just to be sure about you issue.... nothing to do with OEMANAGER not deployed to the instance ?

My 2 cents

Posted by abhdogra on 29-Feb-2016 06:24

Hi Laurent,

This is not related to oemanager not deployed to instance. This is related to whether oemanager is accessible or not.

Posted by Satya Prasad on 29-Feb-2016 06:58

This kind of behaviour can only be observed when PDSOE fails to contact oemanager web application of that PAS instance. Below command will help you in checking the status of oemanager web application.
For example:
proenv>testpas/bin/ list -u tomcat:tomcat
OK - Listed applications for virtual host localhost

As Abhinav said, This area was improved in 11.6.1 which will show you the actual error instead of “Failed to extract zip :  Forbidden” error.


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