Unable to compile .htm files in PDSOE

Posted by josephguerra on 26-Feb-2016 08:50

(Sorry for the duplicate post. I felt this was probably a better place for it and then realized I could not delete the original)

I have a development environment running PDSOE under Eclipse 4.3.2. I am also using the TFS plugin. The problem I am having is that when I build, I am getting errors whenever a .htm attempts to compile. "webutil/e4gl-gen.r" was not found. (293). I have a propath that includes the tty and gui and web libraries. I even tried manually adding the OEROOT folder to the Propath but the error continues. any ideas? 

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Posted by egarcia on 26-Feb-2016 08:58


Just a quick reply.

What type of project you are using?

Did you try adding "Standard WebSpeed Paths" using  "Add Standard Paths"?

This is a simple way to ensure that @{DLC}/tty is in the PROPATH.

(webutil/e4gl-gen.r is found in @{DLC}/tty)

I hope this helps.

Posted by josephguerra on 26-Feb-2016 10:35

Thanks for the reply: Yes. It is an openedge project and the standard webspeed paths are in the propath. Along with the Standard GUI and TTY libraries and Installation paths. I also added the specific path to webutils into the propath to no avail.

Posted by josephguerra on 29-Apr-2016 09:30

For anyone else that runs into this. I eventually was able to resolve the problem only by a complete reinstall of Progress

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