PAS - Resource sharing in _mproapsv

Posted by Riverside Software on 25-Feb-2016 08:08


In a quite old document about PAS (sorry, can't find the link now, it's on my hard drive), there's a slide about resource sharing in _mproapsv. What's not shared is :

  • TT and datasets
  • Sockets
  • Network DB connections
  • LBI & DBI files
  • ABL session memory

Is this list still relevant in 11.6 ?


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Posted by Peter Judge on 25-Feb-2016 08:12

You're talking about stuff shared between sessions in an agent? Then yes, I believe that this has not changed.

Posted by Riverside Software on 25-Feb-2016 08:32

Right, stuff shared between sessions.  Why a difference between shared memory and network DB connections ? What does that mean in practice ?

Posted by Fernando Souza on 25-Feb-2016 08:54

That is a little misleading. There are some resources that are shared (file access, for instance), but without getting too deep into details, for all intents and purposed, they are not shared from the ABL perspective. Each session has its own connection to the db, period.

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