Database connectivity fails while calling REST service using

Posted by mdanwarh on 23-Feb-2016 01:54


I have created a REST service using OEPAS. The REST service works absolutely fine if I don't provide any db reference, but as soon as I try to access DB in my class file. I get the following error in C:\OpenEdge\WRK\oepas1\logs\oepas1.agent.log

[16/02/23@12:15:13.161+2300] P-005664 T-006424 1 AS-13 -- crm.Customer Database sports2000 not connected. (1006)
[16/02/23@12:15:13.161+2300] P-005664 T-006424 1 AS-13 -- crm.Customer Singleton object instantiation ended with an ERROR condition. (16819).

Below mentioned is my db configuration in oepas1. Please let me know if the configuration is correct? Do I need to make additional configuration?

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 23-Feb-2016 02:00

You compiled your code (PDSOE) with a logical database name of sports2000 and the PASOE uses testdb as the logical database name.

Either remove the -ld parameter from PASOE (recommended) or add -ld to the DB connection used by the PDSOE project. Then recompile.

Posted by mdanwarh on 23-Feb-2016 02:32

Thanks a lot for quick response. It is working fine now :-)

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