Cannot monitoring PAS for OE when creating an instance throu

Posted by Blake Stanford on 19-Feb-2016 09:11

I created a PAS for OE instance using the OE Management Console but I cannot manage the ABL Applications from the Management Console.  On the ABL Application page, the Sessions, Connections, Requests and Agents links are not enabled.  (I did check the "Install Pacific Application Server OpenEdge manager web application" box when creating the new instance.

If I create a PAS for OE instance using tcman, the links are enabled on the ABL Applications page in the Management console.

Is there another step needed when creating a PAS for OE instance via the Management console?

Note: OpenEdge 11.5 64 on Windows 7



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Posted by Matt Baker on 19-Feb-2016 19:49

A few things to check.

1.  make sure the 'oemanager' web application is installed and started properly.  Without it, OEM cannot do much with your PAS instance besides start/stop.  You can do so in PAS if you installed the tomcat 'manager' application, or within OEM itself.  Try to access it from a web browser using https://<host>:<port>:/oemanager.  Make sure you get a login prompt and provide the user+password (defaults to tomcat:tomcat) and do not get a 404 (usually you just get a blank page).

2.  By default OEM is configured to use HTTPS port when setting up a PAS instance.  Check to make sure it matches your PAS instance configuration, or switch it to use HTTP.  You might need to turn on "no host verify".

3.  Check the password used by OEM to talk to the 'oemanager' web application.  Default is tomcat:tomcat, but some browsers may have filled in different values automatically when creating the PAS instance.  If you didn't correct the browser auto-fill, OEM cannot talk to the oemanager application since it will have the wrong values.  Correct these on the configuration page.

3.  Check the log files to make sure requests to 'oemanager' application are succeeding.

Posted by Satya Prasad on 21-Feb-2016 23:28

This kind of behavior can only be observed when OEM fails to contact oemanager web application. Can you also please check the output of below tcman command of your Management console instance ?
For example:
proenv>testPAS/bin/ list -u tomcat:tomcat
OK - Listed applications for virtual host localhost
Also make sure after deploying the oeabl application the PAS instance needs to be re-started.

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