Developing a simple webspeed application using OpenEdge 11.6

Posted by mdanwarh on 17-Feb-2016 08:12

Hi Experts,

I am trying to develop a simple webspeed application using OpenEdge 11.6 configuration is based on PAS.

But as soon as I execute my webobject in workshop (localhost:8810/.../workshop) I get the following error.

Running test.html...
Run cancelled.
The file is not accessible from the application script (http://localhost:8810/web/).

Can anyone please help on how to execute webobjects in workshop? Any documentation will be highly appreciated.

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Posted by Irfan on 17-Feb-2016 08:19

Hi Anwar,

Does it work outside of Workshop ? I mean directly running localhost:8810/.../test.html works ?

Posted by mdanwarh on 17-Feb-2016 23:32

Hi Irfan,

No, It doesn't. Could you please let me know where exactly do I need to keep my files? Do you have any documentation?

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 18-Feb-2016 00:08

WebSpeed workshop is not supported for WebSpeed on PAS (at least that's what the documentation states):

Posted by mdanwarh on 18-Feb-2016 06:53

As per the document you are right but If you access localhost:8810/.../workshop in OpenEdge 11.6 you can get the workshop. But I am not sure how to develop a web application (i.e where to keep my web objects in order to execute)  :(

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 18-Feb-2016 07:29

WebSpeed on PASOE supports CGI Wrappers and SpeedScript, so that the initial page will render, that I believe.

What it does not support however are WebSpeed Workshop and HTML Mapped Web Objects.

What region are you from? Workshops about WebSpeed on PASOE are offered by Progress (at least in EMEA) this February and I believe the Americas will follow as well in March (I saw an announcement on communities from PUG New England).

Posted by Irfan on 18-Feb-2016 10:34

Agree with Ruben, we have many talks lined up this year on PASOE Webspeed.

Regarding running your webspeed applications on PASOE, I would recommend the below document

Lets say, you have  SpeedScript application named "helloworld.html"  and a cgi-wrapper application named "sportsdata.p" then you can deploy both of them in <instance-location>/openedge and then access the below URL



Posted by Irfan on 23-Feb-2016 07:03

HI Anwar,

           Wanted to check if you were able to run your webspeed code in PASOE. Let us know if you still have issues

Posted by mdanwarh on 01-Mar-2016 00:53

Hi Irfan,

Yes, I was able to run my webobjects. I kept my files inside


Thank you so much for your help!!!

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