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Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Feb-2016 02:07

I've almost gave up all hope here and forget about it for quite some time, thanks Brynjar for the reminder... there might be a slim chance everyone out there is looking for a way to do the database design in some form of graphical tool and the only thing missing to boost the sales is the PUG members discount :)

So there we go, every PUG member can get it now with a 25% discount but please go slowly and don't put too much pressure on our accounting.

Some info about what it is in one of my older post - and a trial version can be dowloaded from 

For now it is built as stand-alone with eclipse 4.2 so we're little behind, if there is a need for something like that we might be able to keep-up with PSDOE version and do a bit more on the integration.


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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 12-Feb-2016 04:00

Hi Marian, just downloaded the demo, but do you have a link to some documentation anywhere? Right now I am looking at an empty eclipse environment with no clue what to do...

Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Feb-2016 04:26

Hi Patrick, no documentation afraik but things are not that complicated, will upload a short recording to get you started right after we get back from lunch.


Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Feb-2016 06:52

Did uploaded a short recording on


Just some parts I've remembered and no screenplay ahead so please excuse the breaks... only short brain failures :)

Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Feb-2016 08:07

definitively not very skilled with a somehow better quality after a number of tries later :)

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 12-Feb-2016 08:42

got "access denied" when I tried to delete this...

Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Feb-2016 09:09

delete what Tim? did managed to upload from quick time and looks better now, when using their web-ui no matter what I've tried the result was always 360 that you're right is not really 'readable' :(

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 12-Feb-2016 09:14

My message.

I made a comment about the resolution, then I saw your "I posted a higher res video here" so I tried to delete my message as being redundant and I couldn't.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 12-Feb-2016 13:05

Superb work...

How do you program such things?



Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Feb-2016 13:15

with love, care and lots of coffee (java)... had a session once at pug challenge emea about DSL (domain specific language), had a strong feeling got the audience mixed up but that's what I do most of the time anyway :)

Posted by Mike Fechner on 14-Feb-2016 06:42

Hi Marian, is there a website with pricing? Or can you get back to me off line with a quote?

Posted by Mike Fechner on 14-Feb-2016 06:55

Zamolxis nicely detects table relations.

How can we make use of them? Is there an export option to dump all relations to an XML or JSON file so that we could feed our own generators or framework meta data?

Posted by Marian Edu on 14-Feb-2016 07:30

Mike, that was not formally added to the pricing list but the price is 100E/user with standard maintenance of 20%/year. There are a number of things we're added to it but haven't got the time to release a new version and now we're somehow behind with Eclipse version so will need a little refresh to get back on track.

As for relations, detection works better for some databases for some doesn't really work at all but as-is we're starting from table PK's and look for same field combination (name + data type) in rest of the tables to see if there is a relation... there is no relation export option, I thought about adding add-on's generators for that but we haven't got that far. On the other hand the whole diagram is just a plain XML file (XMI), I expect it can be read from Progress if needed - 'relations' tags have table id's for child/parent, same for field mapping parent/child id's of fields from relation tables.

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