Firewall Restricted the webservice request

Posted by ankitshukla on 11-Feb-2016 06:37


Our customer is using highly secure network and restricted us to make a call to backend url which uses "https:\\....".
In side webservice we are using "http:\\..." namespaces.

Any idea why firewall restricted us to perform a call over a https:\\...backend.

Any help will be highly applicable.


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Posted by Jean Richert on 15-Feb-2016 05:33

Anyone following this forum may have a suggestion to resolve Ankit's issue? Thanks.

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 15-Feb-2016 06:01

The reason why they want you to make https calls only is that these connections are encrypted.

Inside the firewall you could probably use http instead of https, but all outside connections need to be https.

Posted by ankitshukla on 15-Feb-2016 07:12

Thanks Jean for highlighting my issue in the forum.

Posted by ankitshukla on 15-Feb-2016 07:22

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for reply.

You said outside connection should be "https:\\". Yes we have the Backend with https not with http. But while sending request to this https:\\..backend it is throwing me a timeout error because firewall doesn't allow to make a call to that https:\\ backend. In the request I am using HTTP namespace URIs. Does these namespaces have something to do with these restriction? is there any possibility of such things?

Posted by gus on 15-Feb-2016 08:00

default port for https is 443

does firewall pass that?

Posted by ankitshukla on 17-Feb-2016 08:16

Thanks Gus. I will check with them if they restricted 443.

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