Create Round Table task through Progress editor

Posted by atuldalvi123 on 10-Feb-2016 09:32


Is it possible to create a Round table task from progress editor or app builder  without going through the RTB tool manually ?

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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 10-Feb-2016 09:42

Yes. This can be done via the API. See rtb/p/rtb_api.p and/or the API examples I posted here:

Posted by atuldalvi123 on 10-Feb-2016 09:58

thanks buddy its a great help for me but there is one appsrvtt.d file available in the zip file. I really don't understand the use of the file.

Posted by atuldalvi123 on 15-Feb-2016 04:32


How can we merge these attached files in a class object ?

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