OEDK Classroom Edition.

Posted by mohitmalik90 on 06-Feb-2016 03:48

Hi Friends,

I have downloaded OEDK Classroom Edition and now i want to install it .. but nothing is happening after 10 sec . all windows are automatically closed. so i am trying to download OEDK Classroom Edition installation guide from this path https://community.progress.com/community_groups/openedge_classroom/m/mediagallery/2567 but it gives the access denied but i am already logged in with my active userid. please help.

Thank you.

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Posted by Bill Wood on 06-Feb-2016 05:58

Two comments.  

1. I had no issue downloading the doc from hat link.  Did you explicitly join the OEDK classroom community group? I believe you need to be a member to download

2. The installer is a silent installer -- so it is expected that it closes all the windows.  The usability is poor for this -- it is about a 30 minute install with no feedback so it looks like it is doing nothing.

Posted by Patrick Tingen on 07-Feb-2016 14:18

A colleague of mine tried to install it as well but thought that it didn't do anything. He started to fix the 'problem' only to result in a totally messed up situation where even a normal progress version will not install anymore.

Progress needs to fix this poor interface; if a user doesn't know what is going on for 30 minutes, what were they thinking when they designed this?

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