Queryhandle:reposition-to-rowid Issue

Posted by Karikalan Ram on 30-Jan-2016 01:43

I've problem when my dynamic query involved with more than one table. for ex,
lvRowid has valid rowid value,
qryhandle:IS-OPEN = TRUE
iv-qryhandle:NUM-RESULTS <> 0 also TRUE,
However I am not sure lRepos = qryhandle:REPOSITION-TO-ROWID(lvRowid) NO-ERROR. returns lRepos = false and ERROR-STATUS:ERROR = no.

When I check qryhandle:NUM-BUFFERS value its 2, then I looked into query string as its composed with one temp-table and one db table.
For ex, for each ttHeader no-lock, 
each dbHeader where rowid(dbHeader) = ttHeader.Headerrowid.
I suspect since this query uses two different buffer when I use Reposition-to-rowid system unable to locate right buffer. 
Could someone pls suggest generic solution on this?

Also when {&file} as dbtable name ex., dbHeader statements BUFFER {&file}:handle = qryhandle{&brwsfx}:GET-BUFFER-HANDLE(1) value as FALSE
BUFFER {&file}:handle = qryhandle{&brwsfx}:GET-BUFFER-HANDLE(2) value as TRUE

Based on this scenario my "qryhandle:REPOSITION-TO-ROWID(lv-FileRowId)" should be applied on Buffer-HANDLE(2). My question here how do we specify/set current buffer handle as 2 to trigger reposition-to-rowed? 

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Posted by AdrianJones on 01-Feb-2016 04:15

you specify 2 rowids, one for each buffer.

from the docs...

To reposition to a particular row when the query is a join, supply the ROWIDs of the buffers that correspond to the desired row.

REPOSITION-TO-ROWID ( rowid1 , rowid2)

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 01-Feb-2016 05:56

Always check the ERROR-STATUS handle using something like ERROR-STATUS:NUM-MESSAGES > 0.  Many things are warnings, not errors and using ERROR-STATUS:ERROR will only detect errors.

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