Propertyfield in a Telerik radPropertyGrid is displayed as a

Posted by Evy De Block on 29-Jan-2016 09:18

I can make a property field in a Telerik radPropertyGrid display as a combo-box by adding this piece of code in the
'EditorInitialized' event of the propertyGrid:

editorElement:DataSource = bsItems.
editorElement:ValueMember = "tValue".
editorElement:DisplayMember = "tDescr".

tValue and tDescr are fields I use in my temp-table to populate the datasource. Ex.:
tValue         tDescr
A                  Apple
B                  Banana
L                   Lemon
O                  Orange

The 'Displaymembers' show nicly when the combo-box is dropped down.  This is perfect because my users want to see the description and not the internal code I am using for each fruit.

At the moment I choose one of the elements in the combo-box and I leave the propertyField, the propertyValueChanged event is fired.  After this event the valueMember is suddenly displayed instead of the displayMember.  Ex. the users chooses 'Banana' and leaves the field. Suddenly B instead of Banana is displayed.

This looks a bit 'buggy' to me ...
Anyone any idea how to solve this?
Thanks a lot.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 02-Feb-2016 06:12

Hi Evy, I have been asking Progress resources to assist you but most of the input I got was that you better post your question in our Telerik forums. In your case I would suggest you post it at

Posted by Evy De Block on 02-Feb-2016 06:34

Hello Jean,

Thanks a lot for your response.  

I have been browsing the Telerik forum and I have even found some people who had a similar issue, but it seems that there is no real solution for it.  They are also providing solutions for C# and VB but it isn't always clear how to translate those solutions into valid Progress code.

On the last PUG in Copenhagen we have got the message to log all our Telerik issues with Progress, but in reality when I log an issue related to Telerik the support is often poor (a question is often answered with a question) and takes a long time.  Recently I even found a new article in the KB based on a question/solution I emailed to tech support :-)



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