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Posted by Elsworth Burmeister on 25-Jan-2016 02:31

Hi guys...

We have a webclient application that uses stateless appservers and now with integration into their DB's using rest services, we now need state-free appservers as these are the default when using rest services. This does take up resources in the DB.

Is it possible to use stateless appservers with rest services as opposed to the state-free appservers currently in place and if so what would the complications/impact be? and also would anything change in coding?

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Posted by knavneet on 27-Jan-2016 08:16

Stateless requires a bound connection, so I am afraid you can't use stateless with REST services.

Posted by David Cleary on 27-Jan-2016 10:42

One option you can think about is moving the new PASOE server. Instead of having to configure and maintain two AppServer instances, a single PASOE instance can support your stateless Web Clients as well as your state-free REST clients, sharing the same pool of database connections.

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