Number of connections between a Tomcat with a wsa.war and an

Posted by lucooms on 20-Jan-2016 08:33


We are on version 11.5 and have installed a Tomcat server with th wsa.war. We also have an Traditionaml AppServer with 3 agent.

When we load the Tomcat with 40 concurrency requests we see that only 1 agent is used and only 1 thread is used in the TomCat to connect to the AS. So we only process 1 request and we do not have parallel  connections.

How we can configure the wsa to have parallel connections used in the same time to threat 3 request at the same time ?

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Posted by Irfan on 20-Jan-2016 08:52


If the restriction is from the tomcat then I would look at tomcat conf/server.xml for parameters like maximum connections and maximum threads.

Posted by lucooms on 20-Jan-2016 09:00

we do not set maximum connections and maximum threads.. The default for maximum connections is 100  and maximum threads is 200 .

Posted by Irfan on 20-Jan-2016 09:18

Is there a way you can check your tomcat and see that it can run multiple concurrent requests without WSA

Posted by Donicello Lampe on 20-Jan-2016 10:09

I would also check the following properties of your deployed Web Service application:

Note: You need to disable the Web Service application in order to see all properties.

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