Execute process after service has been consumed.

Posted by Camilo Andres Atehortua on 06-Jan-2016 10:15

Hi to everyone.

I have a web service exposed and i want after this has been consumed automatically call a process.

Is there a posibility using Openedge tools? 


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Posted by Irfan on 06-Jan-2016 11:20

If I understood it correctly, you would like call a process after invoking the webservice from a client. Am I right ?

If it is just any process , then you can use OS-COMMAND to start it  after invoking the webservice from the ABL Client.

Please let me know if  it is something different

Posted by Camilo Andres Atehortua on 06-Jan-2016 11:47

Thanks for your response. I want to invoke a process in the server after a service has been consumed.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 06-Jan-2016 12:04

Then the ABL code that executes for the given web service call needs to have code added to it to invoke whatever you want done (i.e. the web service code that gets executed needs to include the process call at the end of the code just prior to returning to the caller).

Posted by Richard.Kelters on 07-Jan-2016 13:59

You could run a procedure asynchrounous on another appserver at the end or in the configured deactivate procedure.

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