Error 13693 - SQL Query: Auxilliary db’s

Posted by JohanL on 01-Dec-2015 06:00

Hi Guys, any help to resolve this issue will be much appreciated.

My customer is constantly getting (Error 13693). They are pushing huge volumes of transaction thru a day. (refer broker detail)


They are currently running OE 11.4 32bit on L[View:/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/19/]inux (DBS). We have 4 databases configure.


We get different results when we issue the command 'show catalogs all”.

Sometimes shows all databases, sometimes just 1 database.


I have attached the SQL properties file should it be needed.


ERROR [HY000] [DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Catalog name RXDB is an unknown catalog (13693).



Operating Mode                 : Stateless

Broker Status                 : ACTIVE

Broker Port                   : 4000

Broker PID                     : 22712

Active Servers                 : 13

Busy Servers                   : 2

Locked Servers                : 0

Available Servers             : 11

Active Clients (now, peak)     : (139, 139)

Client Queue Depth (cur, max) : (0, 10)

Total Requests                 : 256832

Rq Wait (max, avg)             : (4876 ms, 0 ms)

Rq Duration (max, avg)         : (815943 ms, 43 ms)


PID   State     Port nRq   nRcvd nSent Started         Last Change

22776 AVAILABLE 04050 021080 021680 034210 Dec 1, 2015 11:37 Dec 1, 2015 13:32

22778 AVAILABLE 04051 026681 027469 028711 Dec 1, 2015 11:37 Dec 1, 2015 13:32

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Posted by steve pittman on 03-Dec-2015 12:40

Hi Johan,

Seems like sql is intermittently getting  a failure when a user connects to the server with the db name that will use the properties file to connect automatically to the multiple databases - icfcb, rxdb, agdb.

When this type of failure occurs, sql will try to retain the connection to the primary db (1st in properties file) and skip the other databases.

This would account for the behavior when a certain catalog is not known to sql, as shown in your error message.

Also, check the db name format which users use to connect to the db. If the name format is not just right,  sql will not find your properties file, and will not know about the auxiliary databases.

In 11.4, when these failures occur,  sql will try to write some error diagnostics information to a file in the directory where the db was started. This file will have a name like sql*xxxx*.log, where xxxx is the sql servers process id.

If you have one or more of these, see what they say.

Looking at the properties file that you posted, I notice a typo in the 3rd line from end - "catolog"  should be "catalog".

I can't predict right now what the effect of this will be, but fixing it will not hurt.

Hope this helps.

.....steve pittman  [OE sql development architect]

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